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22 Best Places to Sell Your Shoes Online for Cash


You have excellent options available nowadays to sell your unused and unwanted goods online. To declutter your space for cash is an excellent idea. Your shoes will be used by someone else and in return, you will get money. In this way, you make a circulation of goods, and the needy will get the shoes at lower prices than the market.


Now many companies have started selling unused, secondhand clothes shoes. This article will get the list of websites where you can sell your used shoes online.

Where to Sell Shoes Online for Cash

1. Flyp

Flyp is an online platform to sell old shoes. The platform does all the work automatically by assigning a Pro Seller specifically to you. You just tell them what you want to sell. Pro sellers will sell your product and earn a commission in between. You will be glad to have Pro Sellers because they take professional pictures of shoes and know the market price. Pro Sellers are professional who knows the tricks to sell the product at the best price and earn sound profit.

They also take of shipping and customer service. It is worth having a pro seller and getting the best price for your old shoes. Flyp has other plus points, like if your shoe pair does not sell out in 90 days, the platform provides you with many options. You can donate the product, take it back or put the item at a special discount.

2. The RealReal

RealReal deals with luxury brands like Chanel, Gucci, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein. You can say this is a luxury consignment shop. You can consign with this platform in three ways given below.

  • You can schedule a free in-home pickup if this option is available in your area.
  • Or you can ship your articles to The RealReal office with a free prepaid label.
  • You can go to a Luxury Consignment Office to drop off your articles and for a free valuation.
  • You have the option to schedule a virtual consignment appointment.

RealReal has a team of 90+ perfectionists working hard to take professional pictures of the product, do the authentication process, and set the price for the item. You are able to make 50% to 55% of the selling price.

3. thredUP

You can sell shoes, clothing, accessories on threadUP. If you have unused items in your home and do not want to use them, you can order Clean Out Bag from the threadUP website. The bag will arrive in a couple of days. Put the unused things in the bag and send them to the office via FedEx or USPS.

Usually, threadUP carefully verifies the products in your bag, authenticates the items, checks the brand’s names. You should put cleanly usable things in the clean-up bag, and the things would not be older than five years. Stuff from the mall brands like Forevr21 Gap will be listed for 60 days, and designer brands like Gucci will be listed for 90 days.

The company will pay you immediately for the items in high demand, and for other things, the company will pay you when the item is sold out. You can receive the payment in your bank account or get the shopping credit points.

4. Poshmark

Poshmark makes it easy to sell old shoes easily and quickly. Te sites ensure that you can list your item in less than 30 seconds. The site will make your branded shoes sell out compared promptly to non-branded shoes. Here, you have to Tap the picture of your product, upload the photo with a description on the website, and set an eye-catching price for it.

Poshmark will ship the package using USPS when the item gets sold out. The company will take its margin for all their services, like 10% to 20% of the selling price. You will receive the payment directly to your bank account.

5. Tradesy

Tradesy promises to list your item within 60 seconds, and you can sell shoes, accessories, clothing here. Once your item has sold, the platform will send a shipping kit to you. The company has a nice feature: you do not have to give back the money if your item is returned. Tradesy takes care of the returns. Tradesy as put a commission like they will take $7.5 from you if the item price is below $50 and 19.8% for the items above $50.

6. Grailed

Grailed focuses on men’s products, selling men’s shoes and clothing. The Grailed has categorized items into four types.

  • Grailed: This category includes high-quality coveted items.
  • Hype: In this category, you will see new streetwear releases.
  • Sartorial: It has high-end classic menswear from famous brands Tom Ford, Alden, etc.
  • Core: In this category, you will see well-known, vintage, mass-market brands.

If you want to sell items, get the app, Tap pictures, upload them and set a price for your article. Here shipping is your responsibility.

7. Heroine

Heroine mainly has woman’s high-end clothing shoes from exotic brands and is a sister website of Grailed. The functioning of the app is similar to Grailed. If you have a Grailed account, the same login will work for both platforms.

8. Kixify

Kixify is a platform for both serious buyers and casual sellers. The platform allows you to build your store, list your shoes, and set your price. The website will take an 8% commission when the item is sold out. You can receive your money through a PayPal account.

9. buyMYheels

It is a great place to sell your branded does. The site will not take any commission from your selling price, but they have listing charges of £5. The platform will accept only branded shoes. If you are not sure about the authenticity of the shoes, better to use another website.

10. Mercari

Mercari deals with all sorts of items, clothing, kids’ stores, and electronics products. The site made the listing process wholly free, and they will charge a 10% commission after the product is sold-out from the selling price. The stating process is the same, sign up, take photos of shoes, upload them with clear descriptions, and list a price.

11. eBay

eBay is a trustworthy place to get rid of unused and unwanted clothes, shoes, and other items. eBay will take its commission when the product is sold out. Set your listing price after calculating the commission fee and shipping price.

12. GOAT

GOAT mainly focuses on reselling sneaker-based shoes from great brands like Jorden. If you have such a pair of shoes, do sign up. The GOAT will take 3-4 days for approval of your application. After approval, you can upload the pictures of the shoes, and you have to mention the SKU number for shoes written on the original box of the shoes. They took different commissions based on your locality, and it will vary from 9.5% to direct $5.

13. Stock X

StockX sells sneakers and streetwear. The selling process is quite different. You will put pictures of your unwanted shoe pair, StockX will verify the product and charge a 3% processing fee. When someone takes your product, they will charge a commission of 9.5%. The commission will get down if your products sell out again and again.

14. OfferUp

At OfferUp, you can sell your shoes, clothes, and other belongings directly into cash. It is your responsibility to deliver the item to the Buyer’s place, and the Buyer will pay the shopping charges. OfferUp will provide you with the label needed for shipping. OfferUp will take its commission from you from $2 to $13. You can connect to your Facebook account to get buyers for your shoes.

15. VarageSale

VarageSale is a kind of garage sale, and you can sell clothes, does, and other items. The platform serves in 50 States of the US, including cities of Canada. You can connect your Facebook account and have to wait for some time for approval of your account. VargeSale will not take any commission, and the deal will be fixed between you and the Buyer directly.

16. 5Miles

5Miles is a similar website, it has an option to do the rating of other customers, and they will verify your phone number Facebook account before approval to authenticate you. 5Miles will give a look and feel of Pinterest to make it easy for buyers to purchase it. You should Tap fabulous pics of your product as pics are very important for its platform.

17. Craigslist

Craigslist is one of the oldest platforms that started the trend of selling old unused things. Now some people face problems of security and ingenuity on Craigslist as they do not offer a secure system, So be aware of the scammers and flaky buyers.

18. Etsy

Esty is a super place to buy vintage and handmade things. They will give you unique, attractive items rather than the things available on most of the websites. You must Tap inserting your product pictures and eye-catching description to attract potential buyers. The platform as a feature to mark favorite shop means the buyers who are invested in your product will put your sop in their favorite list, and you would give some special discounts to them.

19. Storenvy

Storenvy is a beautiful platform to buy and sell clothing. Here envy means likes, and envy creates a lot of difference. The more envy you get, the more likely you will get into the trending list, category page, and search results. It is also a good place for craters. Suppose you are a new designer. You can put your shoe designs here and may get a chance to get a fantastic follower list. You can connect your domain name to your custom store.

20. Zazzle

You can sell kid’s clothing, shoes, bags, assessors, and the account creation is free. Zazzle will do the printing and shipping work for you. You can create a Zazzle account and put high-resolution pictures of your design, products, unused items. You can set your commission rate ranging from 5% to 99%, keeping in mind the retail price.

21. Bonanza

Bonanza is a similar platform with top ratings from 12000 online sellers. It is the most recommended marketplace for selling unused clothes, shoes, accessories, bags, etc. Bonanza will continue syn your product with other places you had sold it and also supports google integration.

22. offers pre-used maternity wear, kid’s wear, men’s clothing, women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories. It is a US-based company and will charge a service fee for listing your item. They also charge a commission when any buyer takes the product.