Different Types of Typing Work for Fast Typists


All the typing jobs category does not require advanced typing skills. We all have basic typing skills as our lives revolve around gadgets like mobile phones and laptops and can think to start typing as a career. The typing job category like transcription, secretaries, or translator requires experience and specific skills.


The article below covers the top 12 typing job categories you can start doing, and don’t worry, typing has many categories for beginners. You will get the platforms where to apply for typing jobs at the bottom of the article. Stay tuned and kick-start your career with valuable information.


Skills Requirement for Typing Work

As we are moving our career towards a tying job, we should learn strong typing skills. However, many clients want basic typing skills, and some require proficient typing skills and experienced candidates.

Core skills to consider for good typing jobs.

  • You must specialize in 10-finger-key skills, and it will help you increase typing speed.
  • Communication skills would be up to the mark to get succeeded in any job or business.
  • For typing jobs, the writing and spelling skills should be excellent.
  • You must be a keen observer who pays attention to details and is always Willing to re-edit.

How much can you earn from Typing Job?

You can expect the earning from $5 to $25. If you are hired as a permanent employee of a firm, the salary will be based on the package. If you do freelancing, then, in the beginning, you should set a lower hourly rate and experience Data Entry operator as transcriber may charge up to $75 for an hour.

12 Types of Typing Work

Please go through the list below, which includes the top 12 types of Data Entry jobs. Fast speed operator has a bright chance to get hired quickly and with the reputed firm. The slow writers will grow in their field if they do the work with the required quality and accuracy.

1. Typists or Word Processors

The people with typing speeds ranging from 40 wpm to 90 wpm have exceptional job opportunities in the Data Entry field. Word Processor or Typists will write reports and correspondence.

Basically, they will be given input content and required to convert it into the desired format. Typists who do the work with accuracy and efficacy can earn up to $20000 in a year.

2. Transcriptionist

Transcribers can be called Audio typists. The main work of Transcribers is to convert given audio files into text form documents. You will get input in the form of tape or recording.

Transcription is a professional job associated with medical, legal, audiovisual filed. The Transcriptionist has to be a fast-speed typist, do the work with accuracy, the listening skills should be good, and the essential requirement is broader knowledge of the subject for which you are transcribing.

Beginners can start with a part-time transcription job, and after gaining experience, they can switch to a full-time transcription job. On average, a medical transcriptionist can earn from $50 to $78 for an hour.

3. Legal Transcribers

Legal Transcribers are the people who deal with legal documents. They transcribe the dictated reports prepare all the documents a legal professional wants, like paralegals. To get the position of Legal Transcriber, the person must be aware of legal terms and legal language used by the Lawyers.

Legal Transcribers will prepare pleadings, official documents, motions, legal memoranda, etc. Companies also give short-term training to newcomers about the legal terms and language used in the courts.

Professional Legal Transcribers are getting from $20000 to $50000 per anum.

4. Data Entry Specialists

Data Entry specialists work on a contract or full-time with a firm. They do day-to-day data entry work like entering data into the database, system, or data programs. Data Entry work also requires administrative skills to manage the whole job.

You should give attention to the details and follow the result-driven approach. Consistency and good typing speed will add value to your profile. Anyone can work on tasks assigned in the Data Entry field but ensure accurate, on-time delivery of work.

5. Closed Captioning and Subtitling Typing Jobs

Creating subtitles for audio or video that is broadcast on TV or other media is a subtitling job. It is a growing field. Television and production industries hire subtitling workers on a contract basis. Subtitling workers are also required to have exceptional editing skills along with subtitles skills.

The subtitling job is always in demand as TV or Movie production houses use subtitles for deaf or for different languages. Big firms provide good salaries with additional benefits. Freelancers or part-time will get said on a per-project basis.

6. Court Reporter

Becoming a court reporter is another category in the Data Entry field that requires accuracy and efficacy from you. Court reporters use keyboard stenography for typing verbatim text. The professional Court Reported can achieve a speed target of 200 to 230 words per minute.

(Online) Typing Jobs Requiring Standard Typing Abilities

The jobs listed below need typing skills and come with the flexibility of work from home job. You can take more writing jobs with fast and accurate writing.

7. Journalist/Writer

Writers, authors, journalists, reporters are professional people who get to succeed in tier careers with fantastic writing skills such as fast writing with more minor errors. You do not have to be a reporter or journalist to become a typist.

A journalist’s or writer’s job requires typing skills. You can choose a blog writing field. There are thousands of blog writing companies hiring freelancers to create content. Accuracy, fast speed, consistency will pay you a plus.

8. Secretary/Personal Assistant

Secretory or personal assistant work with a firm or organization, There’s work is to manage the day-to-day task like email management, meeting scheduling, doing paperwork for the office.

It is a multi-tasking job, sometimes stress-filled job, as all the things should be managed within the given time. Of course, good typing skills are necessary for the job role. The personal assistant job role requires at least 60 words per minute speed.

9. Virtual Assistant

Virtuals Assistants have to complete all the duties like email creation, meeting and calls scheduling, office documents management. These are the duties listed above in a personal assistant job.

The difference is that Virtual Assistants work from home. They outsource their services. Again fast typing speed is requisite for this job. Virtual Assistant’s average hourly rate varies from $18 to $30.

10. Translator

Translators do the work of translating content from one language to another. They can take help from various software. This job will be easy with the hands-on keyboard with good speed and accuracy. Translation jobs can be easily managed from home.

11. Web Designer/Developer

Programmers, Web Designers will ease their job with good typing skills. Generally, a speed of 40 words per minute will create a lot of difference in creativity and productivity. Typing skills are necessary to complete the task on time with proficiency.

12. Chat Agents

Chat Agents’ job will include handling many customer queries in a day. It is more support than typing, but good tying skills definitely increase your productivity. Putting reply to customer queries with fast speed will increase your turnaround time.

Chat agents at the top level will get their salaries, and the newcomers will get wages from $10 to $12 per hour. Now artificial Chatbox has replaced requirements for humans. But some positions require in-depth knowledge of products and need humans for that.

The scope of Chat Agent job is in almost every company dealing with products and services like online shopping companies.


Websites To Consider For Online Typing Jobs from Home

You can also see the top trusted platforms for finding data entry and other kinds of work. It would be best if you did a little bit of research before starting on any platform. Go to these platforms, select the one and create your profile. You should follow instructions and make the profile 100% to get hired fast.

  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • Rev
  • TranscriptionHub
  • Indeed
  • CareerBuilder
  • Casting Words

The other platforms to consider for typing work are Transcribe Me, Go Transcript, AccuTran Global, SpeechPad, SpeakWrite, and Tigerfish. You can check them also and start doing freelancing.

Typing Jobs from Home – Summary

Typing jobs will pay you tremendously if you achieve the target of 40 to 60 per minute. Keep the work efficient and accurate.

Leveling UP There is always scope for improvements and growth in any field. You can improve your typing skills and get promoted to the company where you are working. And if your work as a freelancer, you can increase your hourly rate. You can go to the websites like Typesy to improve your typing skills.

Outlook Speech dictation software like voice to word technology is helping for significant improvements. You can easily understand local languages and accents with the help of this software. Traditional typing has disappeared as today’s demand is for original content and quality work with remarkable tying speed.

Go through the below table, and you can see all the typing jobs at a glance and can choose the most suitable one based on your capability.

S.No. Category Description Earning (in $)
1 Typist or Word Processor To Write reports or convert raw data into the specified format $20000 per anum
2 Transcriptionist Listen to the audio files and convert them to text files $50 to $78 per hour
3 Legal Transcriber Prepare pleads and official documents needed by the Lawyers $20000 to $50000 per anum
4 Data Entry Specialist entering data into the database or data programs (Admin Skills required) $5 to $25 per hour
5 Closed Captioning and Subtitling Typing Jobs To create subtitles for audio or video $20000 to $350000 per anum
6 Court Reporter Require fast speed typists $20000 to $50000 per anum
7 Journalist Fast and accurate work with typing skills $15 to $35 per hour
8 Personal Assistant Writing emails, office documents $20 to $25 per hour
9 Virtual Assistants Writing emails, scheduling emails, office documents (Work From Home) $18 to $30 per hour
10 Translators Translation of the content from one language to another. $15 to $23 per hour
11 Web Designers Typing skills will increase productivity and creativity. $20 to $50 per hour
12 Chat Agents Good typing speed with accuracy is a must for a Chat Agent job. $10 to $12 per hour


Conclusion: There is a vast scope in Typing jobs. You can see there are thousands of subcategories in the typing and data entry filed. You should analyze your capabilities and select one of the typing jobs. You can also make many improvements using help from software like improving speed. If you have any queries, please leave a comment; our team will reply as soon as possible.