GMR Transcription: Entry-Level Work from Home for Beginners

Assuming you’re searching for telecommute transcription occupations, you don’t need to look far. There are a lot of choices however some are intended something else for those hoping to bring in speedy cash for finishing gigs or temporary work.

On the off chance that you’re searching for a strong position doing section-level transcription with the possibility to make full-time pay, you’ll need to think about GMR transcription.

In this audit, we’ll go over GMR Transcription’s work from the home open position, including the obligations and what you want to apply alongside how to begin.

About GMR Transcription

GMR Transcription has been around starting around 2004 and is settled in California. The organization additionally has workplaces in Georgia, New York, and Florida. Their central goal is to convey top-notch transcription administrations at reasonable costs.

On the off chance that you communicate in another dialect smoothly, they likewise recruit for Spanish and French transcription and interpretation. Their site expresses that they are continuously searching for talented typists for general transcription and they offer a scope of chances including general transcription, clinical transcription, and guaranteed interpreters.

Work Responsibilities

GMR Transcription is really adaptable with how much transcription work you take on and you might actually decide your own schedule. Nonetheless, they truly do would rather that typists require no less than 4 hours worth of sound each week.

They in all actuality do bring a ton of work to the table so, on the off chance that you will take on the undertakings, you’ll have a lot of work appointed to you.

The organization has a severe evaluating process for tasks and gives input so you can develop your insight, experience, and capability.

GMR tells transcriptionists to work accessible alongside the compensation rate, due date, and some other significant data for the errand. Whenever recruited for a transcriptionist job, it will be your obligation to deal with it like a task and set accessible hours to translate sound records every week as any open doors are made accessible to you.


GMR Transcription invites section-level candidates and requires no transcription experience. Nonetheless, they ensure clients almost 100% exactness and in this way have a severe evaluating strategy.

You should breeze through an assessment to get employed and decipher something like 2 hours of sound prior to tolerating any paid work to demonstrate your abilities. There are no trying or enlistment charges to think about all things considered.

It would be useful to acquire a few abilities prior to applying to assume that you believe you would require a few extra preparation and practice. Consider taking the Transcribe Anywhere course and using a portion of our suggested tips for an effective transcription vocation here.

Pay at GMR Transcription

GMR Transcription states on their site that their transcriptionists/interpreters regularly procure between $1,000 to $3,000 each month relying upon their abilities and the sort of work they take.

Transcriptionists will acquire more assuming they’re willing to take more troublesome tasks or documents with assisted times required to circle back. As you acquire insight, you can begin bringing in more cash for a similar measure of time you put in too.


GMR Transcription seems like an incredible organization to work for, yet what do past and current specialists truly think? The organization has around 24 audits on Glassdoor so I invested in some opportunity to go through them.

Generally speaking, laborers positioned their involvement with a 4.6 out of 5.

Most transcriptionists remarked that they preferred the way that the organization generally had worked for themselves and the assignments compensated fairly. Others enjoyed the capacity to work deftly from home and referenced how the organization generally paid on schedule. A few remarked that they felt their reviewing interaction was excessively severe. Others said that a portion of the sound documents was too challenging to even think about interpreting.

Generally speaking, the vast majority were satisfied as the professionals offset the cons of the experience.


To go after a transcriptionist job with GMR, go here You’ll have the option to see which positions are accessible and present your resume.

When you present your resume, you will be messaged with the test and directions on the best way to take and submit it. After you present your test, kindly permit something like fourteen days to hear back from the organization on the off chance that they decide to employ you.

Generally speaking, GMR seems like the ideal chance for somebody who doesn’t joke around about telecommuting transcription work. You can make your own schedule and make nearly nothing or however much you need.

While experience isn’t needed, I’d say it’s prescribed to get more cash flow with the organization and have the option to take on additional difficult tasks.

On the off chance that you’re hoping to procure $2,000 – $3,000 each month translating sound documents, you’ll need to get a few encounters and practice added to your repertoire. Fortunately, you can move gradually up in the organization and take on greater undertakings as you see fit.