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Online Poetry Jobs That Pay Good Salary


Are you also fond of writing poems? Do you also love to write poems? If yes, then do you know that by this you can earn a good amount online? There are various websites available that pay for writing poems.


Every company has a different process of publishing poems. At first, the companies accept the poems and then approved them for publication. After the approval of the poems, the websites pay for the poetry.


Companies that pay for the Poetry work

Various companies pay differently for the Poetry work. Here are the companies that accept the poem and pay differently for the poetry work.

  • The Sun
  • Poetry Foundation
  • Rattle
  • Crazy Horse
  • Alaska Quarterly Review
  • Three Penny Review
  • Boulevard Magazine
  • Epoch
  • The Arc Poetry Magazine

The sun:

The sun will pay the amount of $100 – $200 for the poetry but before publishing the poetry, the sun will approve the poetry. Thousands of people submitted their poems every year.

Poetry Foundation:

Poetry foundation pays 510 per line and $150 per page. One can earn a minimum amount of $300 for their poetry from the Poetry Foundation. It is such a lucrative service that allows your poetry to be published in magazines.


From Rattle, the poet can earn up to $150 per poem. If the poetry is too much impressive then one can earn up to $100 too. The Rattle will first approve the poems/poetry and then published it.

Crazy Horse:

If you are fond of writing the poetry of the fictional kind then Crazy Horse is an amazing platform for you. One can easily earn the $20-200 by the Crazy Horse for their poetry.

Alaska Quarterly Review:

It is a Pottery journal and they always considered the leading voice in fiction and prose works. From Alaska Quarterly, one can earn $19 to $50 for every poem.

Three Penny Review:

The Three Penny will accept the poem by email like every other site. One can earn $200 for every poem by The Threepenny.

Boulevard Magazine

This website accepts the five poems at a single time. Boulevard Magazine will pay $25 to the $250 for every poem. The Boulevard Magazine will set the 200 line limit for every poem.


Epoch always awards the people for Poetry and fiction. For the submission of every piece of poetry, one can earn the minimum amount of $50.

The Arc Poetry Magazine:

It is a Canadian-based Magazine with accepts all kinds of poems. Here the poems from every different writer are published and issued. For every poem, one can earn $15.

List of Companies pays for the Poems

Below is the list of the company with the amount that pays for the poetry work.

New Myths $30  for every poem New Myths
Fund for Kidz $10 for every poem Fund for Kidz
Agni Online $20 per page Agni Online
US Kids Magazine $25 or more per page US Kids Magazine
PloughShares $45 for every poetry submission PloughShares
Blue Mountain Arts $350 (1st place)

$200 (2nd place)

$100 (3rd place)

Blue Mountains Arts
Willow Springs Magazine $20 per poetry Willow Springs Magazine
The Southern Review The Southern Review
Chicken Soup for the Soul $200 the per poem Chicken Soup for the Soul
Orion Magazine $100 per month Orion Magazine