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Part-time Work Options in New Zealand


Nowadays, one of the preferred counties by Indians as well as international students for higher studies in New Zealand. Several students are going to new Zealand every year for their higher studies. The reason why New Zealand has become one of the preferred destinations for abroad study is due to its policies like permission for part-time work, permission to work after completing the study, a Healthy environment, easy admissions, etc.

Zealand is one of those countries that appreciate people coming to the country due to its geographical location on the world map.

The country is filled with opportunities and the demand of skilled people coming to them, they understand the way to move forward in the world is to make their infrastructure extremely strong and the policies extremely wise related to the International student and their intake.

Zealand is even in the corner of the world and the means of reaching there is only via a flight. It is still and going to be one of the meccas for the students to get their higher education and even can consider staying there as well.

That’s all that has been done due to the new reforms done by the government and their understanding to make Zealand famous for the life quality.

The quality of life and the general way of living is extremely superior to many countries.

Know all about Part-time work options in New Zealand

On a new Zealand student visa, the candidates are permitted to work on a part-time basis for a maximum of 20 hours a week if their full-time course meets the below-mentioned conditions:

  • Candidates must have applied for a course with a duration of 2 years or more.
  • Candidates must have applied for the course or degree which permits them for the application of a new Zealand ace immigrant visa.
  • Candidates must have applied for a course with one or more academic years and they must join an approved Tertiary Exchange Scheme.
  • Candidates must have joined a private training institution and the main reason behind this is to improve and develop English speaking skills. Candidates must have scored 5.0 or more in ILETS.
  • The candidate must have applied for full-time English language study with the duration of 14 weeks or more at the campus.

Note: No work hours restrictions are imposed, if the candidate has applied for a Masters’s degree in research or a doctoral degree which is awarded by a Territory Institute of New Zealand.