10 Best Proofreading Jobs Online [earn $45/hour]

If you’re looking for a splendid way to make coins online, every to earn a touch more money from domestic or transition into the virtual nomad lifestyle, I advise proofreading and enhancing.

There are also many blessings to being an internet proofreader; in my opinion, love being able to check out a big style of fascinating topics, even as offering a valuable issuer for others. However, it’s moreover a quite flexible and easy freelance assignment with loads of possibilities available.

Permit’s begin. That is my manual on the manner to receive a charge to proofread, plus the ten nice proofreading jobs online.

What’s Proofreading?

Proofreading is at the same time as you thoroughly and carefully check written text for any mistakes, whether or now or now not that be issues with spelling, punctuation, grammar, consistency, or formatting.
Because of the fact proofreading is a vital step for all critical quantities of writing, you can discover a large type of proofreading jobs online, consisting of admissions essays, educational papers up for e-book, résumés, business organization files, and emails.

Proofreading vs. Enhancing

Now, you will be considering what the difference between proofreading and modifying is. At the same time as the two are often used interchangeably, there can be an extremely good difference among some of the two.
At the identical time as proofreading definitely makes a uniqueness of the grammatical errors and spelling mistakes within the writing, editors test the big image, make crucial modifications to the shape of the writing and take a look at the content fabric, readability, and tone, at the top of seeking out grammatical errors.

In the end, each enhancing and proofreading is an important step in finalizing written textual content for submission but, proofreaders are the very last defenders; the final to study the text, seeking out the minor grammatical troubles and typos that slipped thru the cracks.

How much Cash Can You Make as a Proofreader?

On commonplace, proofreaders make around $25-$45 with an hour. However, there are a few more factors to don’t forget.

First, you’ll want to determine whether or not or no longer or now not you want to price your customers thru using the hour or with the aid of the use of word relies upon. Subsequent, your costs may be impacted via your enjoyment diploma, the problem of the technique, and whether or no longer or no longer or now not or now not you’re an expert inside the worried area.

So, as a newbie proofreader, you could assume to make around $12-$15 constant with the hour. But, as you gain more amusement, your hourly earnings will develop; not handiest are you able to price greater from your clients, however, your proofreading may even get lots quicker and in addition green with time.

Abilities & Requirements for Proof Reader

Fortuitously, you don’t want a degree to discover freelance editing jobs.

At the identical time as some customers select out that their proofreader has a bachelor’s degree or maybe a graduate degree, there are various customers that first-rate cope with the results.

This indicates even university college students without experience have to make coins proofreading, which makes for extraordinary extra money on the identical time as journey as a student, close to capabilities, proofreaders glaringly need to have splendid grammar and spelling abilities. Time management talents also are an asset, and for certain jobs, common fashion courses are useful.

Take a Proofreading course

If you need to get preserve of a rate more to proofread and to guarantee yourself-artwork, you may want to take into account growing a funding a chunk in yourself and take a direction to help you get greater jobs.
Nowadays given they’ll be turning into A Proofreader route, which offers university college students the whole lot they need to start an ultra-modern career strolling remotely from everywhere as a professional proofreader.
The course consists of 15 content material fabric material-packed modules, collectively with quizzes and real-life workout proofreading bodily video games to maximize gaining information. In assessment to particular proofreading courses, they provide assured artwork as a settlement proofreader for each person who passes the route with a different grade.

05 Apps/Softwares You Must Have To Become Successful Proofreader

There is various number one gadgets you may want to efficaciously proofread at home, in which includes:


First of all, a crucial spell Checker is a tool that gets rid of written textual content and detects fundamental spelling and grammar errors. This clean device might also moreover appear obvious, however, it certainly clearly calls for a restore.


Grammarly is likewise the fine device for freelance proofreaders as it’s far one of the maximum correct devices for finding grammatical errors. It additionally offers motives and tips for grammatical errors and plagiarism checking.


In case you don’t like Grammarly, Ginger is one of the first-rate grammar checkers obtainable. Thinking about the fact that it may find and correct difficult grammar mistakes in comparison to extraordinary spelling checker gadgets, it does an amazing process of correcting hard texts. It’s also very critical to finish and whole your very own letter.

Google medical doctors:

Every other important online modifying tool is that it results easily accepts files to send and percent with Google medical doctors to your subscribers. There are also hundreds of enhancing tools and additional features, and there are even loose services that provide the functionality to replace documents with offline garages.

Avast Antivirus:

Ultimately, online healing tools are regularly left out thru antivirus and protection software program software, but they’re however critical. That is critical not only for the protection and confidentiality of customer files but moreover for the security of your very own internet. In my opinion, I take advantage of Avast Antivirus, however, there are masses of different packages available too.

10 Websites To Find Proofreading Jobs

Finding an undertaking as a web proofreader and not the use of an experience may be problematic, but there are many procedures to discover a hobby, from using for a concealer expert internet website to becoming a member of the main freelance platform.

1. Upwork

Upwork isn’t the simplest one of the high-quality interest are searching for net sites for beginners but also truly one in all the most important for freelancers in standard. With such a whole lot of freelance jobs to be had, Upwork is a high-quality way to locate do business from home. The platform is likewise very easy to navigate and individual-pleasant and modifying and editing alternatives are enormously clean to locate.

However, there also are many downsides to the use of Upwork. First, it’s miles going to be difficult to get a decent salary because of the fact there are many freelancers handy who need to be paid for or her artwork. So, you’ll probably want to undersell yourself to outbid unique proofreaders. Furthermore, Upwork charges a 20% enterprise price.

Primary, Upwork is fine for beginner proofreaders trying to benefit enjoy, however, the pay can be at the lower prevent.

Nonetheless, it’s an extraordinary vicinity to launch your profession in online proofreading, and if you pitch yourself properly, you can discover customers inclined to pay you quite so, there are options for extra professional proofreaders as properly.

2. FlexJobs

Like Upwork, FlexJobs is a notable online platform that functions beginners and skilled freelancers alike. However, now not like Upwork, signing up for FlexJobs charges $14.95 per month.

But, this can be an advantage as there may be much less competition for jobs. In addition, FlexJobs has a clean-to-use platform, provides a remarkable guide, and guarantees that every one assignment postings are legitimate.

All in all, FlexJobs is every different online freelance board that is satisfactory for finding new clients to regulate and collaborate on. Be a part of up using promo code NOMAD at checkout and acquire 30% off the membership charge.

3. Fiverr

Every different net website online just like Upwork and FlexJobs, Fiverr is a web mission portal supplying lots of exertions for beginner proofreaders, together with an abundance of various freelance jobs. At the identical time because it’s smooth to get started and find out artwork (so long as you have got were given a killer profile), Fiverr comes with equal risks as Upwork: masses of low-paying jobs, with the lowest offer being $5.

However, it’s a tremendous way to benefit from the experience as a newbie proofreader, and with this experience, you may skip to better-paying websites and price more in your services.

4. Scribendi

The previous 3 websites had been incredible systems for all topics of freelance work, however, Scribendi is a corporation that offers custom improving and proofreading services.

Canadian agencies that lease remote editors from all around the international have many benefits over Scribendi. We offer strong and comfortable USD bills thru PayPal and give you entire flexibility in accepting orders. Create a challenge every 3 months and your account will live energetically.

Additionally, they provide enhancing and proofreading guides, and a dialogue board wherein you can communicate approximately various topics with other proofreaders.

However, there are nice qualifications you have to meet as a manner to join Scribendi. They need a nearby English audio gadget with a college diploma, who have as a minimum of three years of preceding enjoy and the functionality to proofread at a minimal pace of 1,000 terms in line with an hour.

5. Scribbr

Scribbr is proofreading and enhancing organization that specializes in helping students great their theses and dissertations. It’s top-notch for getting entry to-level and experienced proofreaders.

At the same time due to the fact the application device is rigorous and prolonged, associated with a language quiz, a résumé and motivation announcement, a language improving project, and a Scribbr Academy training program, upon elegance as a proofreader and editor, you may expect to make around $22-$27 in step with hour.

6. Proofreading services

Proofreading services are an exquisite corporation that gives each thing-time and full-time far-flung proofreading jobs.

Like Scribendi, the hours are virtually bendy, which means you could select how plenty or how little you parent.

And, with the common pay being among $19-$forty six in keeping with an hour, Proofreading services is a top-notch way to make extra money at the equal time as running from domestic or dwelling a place-independent lifestyle.

7. Proofreading buddy

For a web proofreading interest tremendous for college children, look no similarly to Proofreading buddy.

Perfect for college and college college college students, Proofreading buddy gives bendy paintings with a mean pay of $500 to $3000 a month. However, they preference renting current-day-day graduate students with a median GPA of three.5, and above, or those with a graduate degree and at the least five years of enhancing enjoyment.

So, even as their qualifications are strict, Proofreading pal is without a doubt well worth making use of to in case you qualify.

8. Gramlee

For a few top-notch paintings-from-domestic proofreading jobs with smaller phrase counts, I propose Gramlee.

An enterprise focusing on supplying proofreading and enhancing offerings, Gramlee is a wonderful internet website for novice proofreaders.

The preliminary application machine is likewise pretty clean; genuinely fill out a brief questionnaire about your previous enjoy (the more revel in you have, the much more likely they’ll touch you). Commonplace, Gramlee is an exceptional location to find out some online proofreading works.

9. Polished Paper

For proofreaders with a hint little bit of enjoyment, Polished Paper is a high-quality net website online to test out. Polished Paper is a proofreading and editing company that wishes excellent editors with robust proofreading experience, but they pay for those qualifications, therefore.

The software approach is consequently pretty hard; you’ll check-in for an account, upload your résumé, and fill out a 35-query take a look at, accompanied thru using an interview.

However you’ll need to skip the test for the interview, and it isn’t clean. So, in case you need an artwork with Polished Paper, make the effort filling out the take a look at it! In the long run, it’ll be definitely actually worth it, as Polished Paper is an extraordinary region for paintings as a freelance proofreader.

10. Edit rapid

Eventually, the ultimate proofreading and enhancing corporation in this listing are Edit speedy.

An internet pastime portal full of postings for freelance proofreaders and editors, Edit rapid is a fantastic area to discover a few artworks.
The utility device is also pretty easy; you test in online, add your résumé, take an improving take a look at, sign a non-disclosure agreement, then gather your profile.

As fast as prevalent, you sincerely must have a look at the jobs on the listings! All communique with customers goes thru the Edit fast portal, and you may be paid thru PayPal.

But, the largest drawback with the usage of Edit fast is they preserve forty% of your very last reduction. So, Edit speedy is higher for amateur proofreaders looking for to advantage revel in.

Professionals and Cons of Being a Contract Proofreader

Freelancing as a career isn’t for everybody, and there are many pros and cons to freelance proofreading at home. This consists of:

There can be a big call for proofreaders, even for beginners. So, it received to be too tough to discover paintings!

The begin-up charges for beginning a settlement proofreading career are very low; all you want is a pc and an internet connection.

There is a ton of pliability collectively along with your schedule. So, you can artwork around your one-of-a-kind responsibilities and plans for the day.