The Different Kinds of Data Entry Jobs

What is Data Entry Jobs? Data entry job seems to be as simple as entering data, but you might be surprised to know that data entry jobs have hundreds of subcategories requiring different expertise levels. Generally, data entry is considered clerical work associated with processing files.

If you are a job seeker exploring new job roles, you must be aware of what is data cleaning, Transcription, editing, etc. We have prepared full details on the subcategories of data entry jobs. You can choose the job as per your expertise level.

Data Entry jobs offer you the flexibility to work from home; besides that, you should have a laptop/computer and a fast internet connection. Please go through the below categories and pick the best suited to you.

About Online Data Entry Jobs

Data Entry job has bot online and office job. Let’s see both aspects. Some companies hire in-house employees for data entry work. You will go to the office daily and work as per the timings of the companies like 9 to 5 job.

In online data entry work, you will get the flexibility to work as per your time, no hassle to commute daily to the office. You can set up a mini-office at home. Most freelancers do online work from data entry work. They work according to their free time. Your speed and accuracy will determine the earnings.

To be a successful data entry operator, you must practice typing skills and improve your word per minute speed. Most companies conduct basic typing tests before hiring.

The job is simple, and you will be given raw input data and required to convert it into useful output data as per the instructions if you have good typing speed. You will finish the work on time, take more projects, and earn more.

Types of Data Entry Jobs

Let’s start with the primary and most straight category of data entry job involves simple typing. The data entry operators who work in the admin typing work usually type 20-30 words per minute to make the job easier and complete on time.

1. Basic Data Entry Jobs

As per the Business Wire prediction, the data entry market will double by the end of 2023. You have an incredible opportunity to seize the data entry job.

Basic Data Entry Jobs Are Divided Into Four Main Categories:

You can see the basic data entry jobs can be divided into four categories, presented below.

  1. Simple Data Entry Job
  2. Typist Job
  3. Word Processing Job
  4. Data Cleaning Job

A. Simple Data Entry Job:

Anyone can start a data entry job from the simple data entry category. You will get information in the form of charts or pdfs, and the client will ask you to convert the data into editable documents. You can also say simple data entry is typing data into text files like Microsoft word.

B. Typist Positions Job:

It is the next level of simple data entry job. The typist will mostly process spreadsheets, enter data into cells, apply formulas as per the requirements. Typists process one form of data into another like will convert information given in reports into spreadsheets.

Some of the typist jobs do not require you to be perfect with formulas of excel. You must show speed accuracy and represent the data in the proper format.

C. Word Processing Job:

Word Processing is the next level in basic data entry jobs. It will involve manipulating letters and words, preparing emails, sending emails, and the formation of reports. You should have mastered the following skills to become a perfect Word Processor.

  • Superior grammar skills
  • Rich vocabulary
  • Proficiency to make tables, charts, and graphs

D. Data Cleaning Job:

You can say it is the next level of word processing job. The data cleaning job involves identifying and finding out incorrect data. You may require to update the inaccurate data or delete it. The input information can be in the database or a table.

You can take an example of customer rating if the client wants to make different categories for four-star or five-star and there are some wrong entries in as per the category. The Data Cleaning operator will check the accuracy of the list and ensure it is 100% accurate by editing the data.

2. Online Form Filling and Surveys Job:

Online form filling is one of the best and easiest data entry job categories—the companies as user data in the form of word files or pdf files. The companies require to make the data online. So they hire data entry operators to enter word file data into online forms. You will be given 50 to 100 forms per day. There will be small or large forms depending on the nature of the data.

Online survey jobs are also a kind of data entry job. The companies want to collect genuine information regarding the product or service from the customers. So, the companies create online surveys and give payment for giving answers to those surveys. You might see surveys coming on email id or social sites accounts. These surveys will target a specific customer base. Anyone can do the online survey job easily.

3. MicroData Entry Job:

MicoData entry is a new category to data entry jobs. It will have small micro-tasks completed within minutes and will be repeated again and again like captcha entry work.

  • Captcha entry: Captcha entry involves solving the captcha puzzles like selecting the pictures, aligning the girds, basic math calculation. You will get nearly 100 Captcha entries in a day and have to do the repeated task for the 100 categories.
  • Copy and paste: Copy-paste is a straightforward job that involves copying some information from one file and pasting it into another file.
  • Captioning: Blog writers and article writers need to give captions to images, graphics, titles for the blogs, headings for the articles, etc. Captioning job role bridge the gap between data entry and content writing.

4. Data Formatting Job:

So far, we will think that the data entry jobs are related to entering old data, but data formatting is associated with adjustments and manipulation of data. It’s a new kind in the data entry field. You are creating something new in data formation.

Formatting and Reformatting of Data Job:

Data formation is more about manipulation and adjustment of the data rather than entering it. You can see formatting jobs from most simple to complex. Usually, the data formation expert will get big chunks of data and files like formatting whole documents or catalogs. The work under Formatting and Reformatting is explained below.

  • You will get the work of changing fonts, changing alignments of text, and indentations.
  • Formatting address fields, email information, or phone numbers is also a part of the Data Formatting job.
  • You will get the grammar correction work and find out spelling mistakes in the documents.

5. Converting Data Files Job:

It is another category in the data entry field here, and you will not get data in the form of words. The clients will provide the information in the form of audio, images, or videos files. They want the output in text form. You should listen to audio or video files and convert the information into document form. Be careful to give the correct data.

6. Transcription Data Management Job:

Transcription is a kind of data entry job usually used in the pharmaceutical and medical industry. You can see Transcription to be a more complex job as compared to other types of data entry jobs. A medical transcriptionist needed to grasp complex medical terminology. Medical Transcription has zero space for misunderstanding and mistakes because any mistake can lead to greater loss.

Medical Transcription involves converting audio files into text documents, and they will make a consultation, observation records, or procedures. Here the term medical coding is used. Medical coding involves assigning codes to confidential data. Most medical industries have system-generated codes, and they implement the code alphanumerically for service, procedure, department, and diagnosis.

Transcription jobs come at the top level, and people get the expertise after years of experience.

Summary In A Table

Data Entry jobs have hundreds of subcategories; we have covered the most appropriate types of data entry jobs in this article. The typing jobs vary from simple to complex types and require speed and expertise accordingly. You can start with the essential data entry jobs if you are a beginner.

The speed and accuracy will take you to the next level of the data entry job. Go through the below table and see the main categories of data entry jobs with hourly rates. Some jobs like form filling or survey will pay for one form or one survey. For filling out one form, you will get $5, and if you complete ten forms in an hour, you can get $50 in an hour.

S.No. Data Entry Job Category Description Offered Rate Per Hour
1 Basic Data Entry Jobs You will get the simple data typing work, like getting information from the pdf, charts, editing spreadsheets, email formation, or report generation. It also includes data cleaning means finding out incorrect data. $5 to $20
2 Online Data Entry Job Online jobs come with the comfort of working from home. You will do the same work from your home. $5 to $20
3 Online Form Filling and Online Survey Job It involves entering data into forms and giving answers to the questions given in the survey. $1 to $14
4 MicroData Entry Job It will include micro tasks like captcha entry, copy and paste work, or captioning task for content writers. $1 to $17
5 Data Formatting It is more formatting of the data rather than entering data like changing fonts, styling, indentation, etc., of the text files. $13 to $25
6 Converting Data Files The input you get here is in the form of audio or video files; listen to the audio and convert it into text files. $5 to $20
7 Transcription Job Transcription is associated with the medical and pharmaceutical industries. It involves the tasks of medical coding. $15 to $35

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These websites offer freelancing work and are associated with genuine clients, and you will definitely get paid after completion of the work. Do a proper review or survey before starting the data entry work.