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Top 07 Work From Home Jobs: Salary $10- $25/hour


Being working from home gives flexibility to employees to work according to one’s needs. People are more comfortable and happier now as working from home, and companies notice that their productivity has increased. It also reduces the hassle faced by employees during traveling daily for the office.


This is the simple funda. If employees are happy, it will automatically increase their performance. There are many areas, and many kinds of jobs you can do are at home and earn well. Read the full article to more acquainted with the ideas to work from home.


Top 07 Work From Home Jobs

Various online jobs are available on the Internet that one can do easily. To apply for online jobs you don’t require to make any investment. Online jobs can do as full-time or part-time. The choice is totally yours.  Here is a list of some online jobs that you can easily do.

Do Online Typing Jobs in India

Online typing jobs are in the craze nowadays to earn a good amount of money. It is the most suitable type of job from the home. So many jobs opportunities are available in this field. To perform this job you only have to hold good typing skills. If you have this then you can apply freely. One can work for this kind of job online or as well as offline. The nature of the work is different for every company. In the beginning, you have to start with a simple and easy task. Once you will get a perfectionist in this field then you can able to do complex work too. For the complex work, you will pay high by the organization. So many websites are available on the internet which provide this kind of work without any investment and security.

How much can you earn online money by Typing?

There are no limits to earning money via typing pages and documents. This all depends upon the capability of the individuals. Few peoples go with the audio typing jobs, whether some will go with the real typing work.

Under the audio typing projects, there is work related to the educational transcription by which the high income can be earned. Under The real typing work will be done without making any investment, and all the work will be performing physically to digital. A very good amount can be earned with these typing jobs. You can earn $25-$30 Daily or $800 – $1200 Monthly.

Work as a Freelance writer and write the content

Content writing is in demand these demands. One can earn a good income from writing jobs by sitting at the home. If you have good writing skills then you can go for it. In the case of content writing jobs, so many vacancies or jobs opportunities are available on the internet. Content writers are always in demand since the Internet are started.

If you have the availability to write good content then you can go for the content writing jobs. To get the content writer jobs you have to make a good portfolio that shows your work. You can also attach the samples of your articles published on the top websites. To perform this job you are only required to hold the laptop and internet. Once you will be hired by the organization for the content writing jobs then you can earn a good income.

Do Ad Posting Online work?

Under the Ad posting jobs, you have to publish the ads according to your project. This work can be similar to copy and paste. You can perform this work online or from the Office as well. This will depend upon the type of nature. To perform this you don’t require to hold much education qualification or skills. You only have to hold the basic knowledge of the computer and the Internet. You can find out this work in your local area also.

Start Blogging in India

You can also work as a blogger if you have good writing skills. Through blogging, you can earn a good income. Under blogging, you have to write the article on one topic and have to provide all the information related to it. The topic can be related to any field. Just you have to choose one topic and write about it deeply and try to provide all the information related to it to the audience. The people will read out your blog and you can make the money through this.

Become an Online Freelancer and Earn Daily Payment from Home

It is also the best method to earn the money. You can work as an online freelancer all over India. Various job opportunities are available online. One can do it on a large number from the home and earn the money. To become eligible for this job you must have to hold good skills. Rather it is the best option for those persons who have a deeper knowledge of the social field.

Various services are available in this field. You can check out the top freelancing websites like freelancer. in,, for the work. You can apply for freelancing jobs from there. To apply for the job you have to create your attractive profile on any of these websites and garb the projects. After completion of the one project, you will receive your payment and then you can apply for another project too.

Make an E-Commerce website and sell products there

The craze of online business will increase in India rapidly. People are giving preference to online shopping as compared to offline shopping. Online shopping has various advantages as compared to offline shopping. Through online shopping, time will be saved and there is no need to go outside of the home. You can also work as an online seller and sells the different types of products by the online method.

To get the products at reasonable prices you can collaborate with the wholesalers too. You can start your online business of artificial jewelry, electronics, clothes, baby products, or more. To sell the best products you can research for the market and then start selling the things. To start this kind of business in the stirring you have to do some investment.

Do Micro job work on Fiverr

It is the easiest method to find out an online job among others. Fiver provides jobs on the micro-level to so many peoples and on the other side, it is a huge platform for the job providers also. Various job options are available on this site. The best part about this is that there is no need to do investment for the online work and also there are no registration fees. Only you have to pay the little amount to the website as their commission

To do online work not many education qualifications are required. To get the job you have to create an attractive profile on the website. To grab the job fast mention your sample of the work on your profile too. As per your work you will get the salary and also get the ratings by the organization.

Salary Packages

The PayScale details are as follow:

Type Average Payment Daily work Earnings daily
Form Filling $1 – $2 1-3Hours $2 -$5
Content Writing work Rs. 0.50 2000-4000 Words $8 -$14
Text Typing Rs. 10 – Rs.25 20 Pages $5 – $8
Ad Posting Rs. 40 – Rs.200 hourly 4-5 Hours $8 – $15
Blogging Rs. 0.75 per word 1K-2.5K Words $15 – $20
E-Commerce Rs. 160 – Rs.320 / Hour 3 Hours $9 – $13
Freelancing Job Rs. 130 – Rs.200 for one Page 15 Pages $16 – $30
Typing Jobs Rs. 250 – Rs.500 / Hour 2.5-3 Hours $16 – $24