Companies that pays you for Advertise your car


One can spend most of their time in their car to go anywhere. By visiting your office from your relative’s house, the cost of the car maintenance and gas can start to add up. But what if there are some ways to offset these expenses? Are you know that Advertising on your car helps you generate income in hundreds per month. If not, then check out the below article . Below you will get all the information.

Companies that paid for the Car Advertisement


Nickelytics is one of the top companies that paid you for the Car advertisement. To pay for the car advertisement you have to firstly GET the app and then sign up for becoming the Driver. There you have to fill in the questions asked related to you and all your driving habits and your insurance coverage details and more. Then you have to activate the app when you are driving so that the Nickelyitcs will match your advertising campaigns. The Nickeltyics will check out for the campaign and once you get matched with the campaign it will become your choice to accept or reject the campaign.

Earnings: One can earn the $175 to the $250 for the one campaign. While some of the drivers can earn $500.This all depends upon the skills and talent.


  • Backed by the Highly reputed firms/names.
  • Focused on the delivery of the strong advertising results


  • Newer Model Requirement
  • Mileage Requirement


Wrapify mainly hires drivers who don’t mind placing the ads on their cars. They can pay as per the distance travel. To work along with Wrapify, you have to first get the app and then sign up there for a driver. Then drive to the areas where you can normally go and get the campaigns offers. The offers provided are based on driving habits. Once you receive a campaign as per the interest then you can get registered there and get an advertisement placed onto your car and start the earnings. The earnings depend upon your miles. Higher the mile higher the earnings.

Earnings: The Wrapify Drivers can earn $196to the $452 on the monthly basis.


  • Short term commitments
  • Easy payments


  • Early Termination Fees
  • Must be at least 21 years
  • Newer model Required


It is a Delaware-based advertisement company that was founded in the year 2012. It mainly hires drivers across the world. To apply under the Carvertise one have to enter their phone number, name, email id on the website of the Cravertise. The company will then match your profile to a brand that targets the areas. Once you get approved by the company for a driver then they put a wrap advertisement onto your car and make the payment directly to you. The company mainly pays for the $100 on the monthly basis for the one campaign. If you take participate in a 3-4 month campaign then you can get the $300.

Earnings: One can earn $300 – $2100 per campaign.


  • Make the acceptance of the campaign or decline them.
  • By perking the opportunities to earn increases.


  • Newer Car Requirement
  • Must Drive 30 Miles per day.

How to Find out the Top Companies for the Car Advertising

There are too many scams available for Car Advertising. Before finding out the scam-free companies consider the below things.

  • Application Process: A legitimate company has a formal application process that evaluates your car model, tears, driving history, and more. If the company doesn’t ask any kind of question then go for another company.
  • No Application fees: There are no application fees charges for the submission of the application. If any company demands the application fees then it is better to move for the other company.
  • Good Customer Service: Before selecting any company, ensure that they offer good customer service and they also provide the phone number or email address by which you can easily contact them in case of any query. If there are no customer service details, better to go for any other company.
  • Insurance requirements: Reputable companies always demand Insurance papers. If you don’t have the proper insurance then the company will not hire you.


There are so many ways to earn the money from your car. One can give their cars on the lent if you don’t want to go outside of your home. If you love traveling then you can deliver packages or meals by Uber Eats or Door Dash. With just a little time and effort you can earn a great income from your car.