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(Done plag 12%)How to Sell Feet Pics


Are you wonder by selling the feet pictures you can earn a good amount? Yes! you listen to it right. By selling the feet pictures you can earn a good amount. To see your feet pictures you don’t need to move from one agency to another. You can do it from your home as everything become digital. Selling the Feet pictures is such lucrative. You can earn over $90,000 annually by selling your pictures on various sites and apps. For complete information on where to upload the pictures, how much you earn, and more, read out this article fully.

Is Selling Feet Pics Legal?

Thinking, is the selling feet is legal or not?

Selling the pics of the feet is legal in many countries like Canada, the USA, New Zealand, Australia. Whereas in some cities like the Arab countries, it was found to the illegal. Some conditions are there fixed for the selling of the feet pic for the money is that one must attain the legal age of the consensual. Mainly, this age is above 18 years.

Why Sell Your Feet Pictures?

The main aim of selling the feet pictures is to earn a handsome amount. There are some more reasons for selling the feet pictures. Here are some:

  • To sell the pictures of the feet, no qualification is required. It doesn’t demand any skills and experience.
  • It is so flexible as one can do this from their homes.
  • It is inexpensive in nature as you only need one smartphone or a camera and an internet connection to upload that pictures.

How Much Money Can You Make Selling Feet Pictures Online?

The amount is depends upon the clients. It all depends upon your client’s rate and you can also negotiate for the price. All you need is good marketing skills to earn a handsome amount. From one feet picture, you can earn $5 to $100. 

Into the initial period, you have to lower your prices as it helps in attracting the clients. For one picture if you charge $25 and in one day you get the 4 clients then it amount to be $100 which is not bad for the initial days.

For selling the feet pictures, standard payments are not fixed. You can charge according to your demand and mood. The amount you charge is depends upon the platform on which you are selling and on clients too. You can easily earn more than $150 per month.

Why Do Guys Ask for Pictures Of Your Feet?

Stock Photography Websites

You cant earn enough from the individual buyers as there are some stock image websites that pay you very well. These websites pay you for uploading your feet picture whereas other ways when anyone get it.

All you have to do is to join the websites which are free of the constant start upload your feet pictures on it. These kinds of website mainly include Foap, stock photo, Gettyimages, and more.

There are also some publishers and bloggers who pay for the feet pictures monthly.

Feet lovers

There are millions of people in the universe who loves the feet pictures but many of them cant admit it openly. Many of the Hollywood stars committed that they love to see the feet pictures. Some so many peoples buy the feet pictures and pay for them well.

Publishers and News Agencies

There is so many articles which contains feet pictures. Many bloggers, publishers, and journalists buy foot pictures for their articles. The article is related to beauty, health, and more.

News agencies also demand the feet pictures as they need them to display in their news.

Where To Sell Feet Pics Online?

 Dollar Feet 

If you are looking for selling your feet pictures online then you can send them on the DollarFeet. It is one of the best websites which encourages you to send the feet videos rather than the feet images.

On the Dollarfeet you have to show your face too. To work on the Dollarfeet you have to fill out their application form and also have to share the pictures of the feet from every angle. Once you get approves you automatically received the payment from the website by the Gift Card, PayPal, or by Skrill. Also, they made the payment within 24 hours once you get approved and you can earn between $5 to $10.


It is London based website that is popular in the adult entertainment industry. You can earn here by selling your feet pictures but note that you received payment in that case when the users subscribe to it.

To upload your feet pictures, your age must be legal which means 18 years or above then it. The website mainly has 24 million registered users and 450000 content creators which is very large in number. Every day 200000 new users and 8000 creators join the site.

On Instagram

Instagram is the most popular social networking site which has more than 1 billion users. The users can share their photos and video on Instagram. To upload pictures on Instagram you have a good hashtag so that users can easily search out the picture.

To upload media on Instagram you are advised to use the most used hashtag but not overused. Here is the list of some popular hashtags which you can use for uploading the feet pictures.

  • #FeetLovers
  • #Feet
  • #PerfectFeet
  • #FeetWorship
  • #BeautifulFeet
  • #PrettyFeet


It is one of the best apps, founded in the year 2011 to sell the feet pictures online and make money. On the Foap you have to create a good portfolio and get exposure to the most famous agencies, brands, and feet lovers.

Foap mainly managed the 3 million creators and they are known as the Foapars. The best about the Foap is their active communities. As a new user, you can easily explore the pics of the other Foapars and also get feedback from them related to your content.

Zazzle Feet Pics

Zazzle is one of the best websites where the buying and selling of images take place. This platform mainly consists of 300 digital images from various companies like Disney and Getty Images.

The Zazzle also provides the online design toll when one can easily customer the images. Some of the buyers pay more for the customized images as compared to the feet images.


It is one of the largest social media platforms. It has over 2.3 billion users. If you are thinking of selling the feet pictures then it is the best platform to meet your targets as there are more users as compared to any other platform. Facebook enables its users to upload photos, multimedia, and text to their friends.

To sell pictures on Facebook you have to sign up with all the personal details which are easily visible to other users. On Facebook, you can search for the group to see the pictures of the feet. Once you find out about the group, you can easily join it and you get plenty of customers from there.


TikTok is one of the Chinese apps which is used to create videos. TikTok allows users to create videos, edit them and then share them. You can apply any of the music to the video and filter. It has over 300 million users and many of the users use it to sell their geet pictures. You also upload your feet videos there and then the users can easily reach you by your profile. There you can discuss the price of the feet and the mode of payment.

Tips to Sell Feet Pics Online

  • Take proper care of your feet.
  • Take high-quality pictures of your feet.
  • Create a creative pose of your feet.
  • Keep your feet clean and anonymous.

Note: By selling the feet pictures you can make the good earnings. Readout this article carefully and to get the details on any topics message us.