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Freelancing Jobs – Nature & salary


Are you tired of 9 to 5 jobs where you are not getting any appreciation and promotion? If yes, get ready to quit this fixed and unhealthy lifestyle and start earning from doing freelancing jobs. if you are having a set of skills and efficiency in any field, it going to be very easy for your to work as a freelancer and earn a good amount of living for you to enjoy your life to the fullest. So if you are ready to start an exciting and wonderful freelancing journey, let’s know some more about the field.


What is Freelancing?

A freelancing job is where an individual is free from regular morning traffic, no-appreciating talks from a boss, and a boring 9 to 5 job. By being a freelancer, one can work for themselves and not for any organization or company. A freelancer is ultimately self-employed. A freelancer doesn’t need to commit to a long-term employer. He/she can change the type of services they are providing. A freelanced charge on a per hour basis and can any time quit and change the services they are providing.


Freelancers are answerable for a wide range of things that customary representatives are not, for example, setting their work hours, monitoring time spent on various activities, charging customers, and paying their own business and business charges. We don’t call Freelances as employed, rather they are called contractors.

Terms Used for Freelance Jobs

When you go searching for freelancing jobs, you may find a lot of terns that are used for freelancing work. These terms may help you find out freelancing jobs.

Freelance Jobs – In normal terms, this is used for freelancing work.

Contract Job or Contract Work – Here you work as a contract worker and your work is not permanent. You are doing it just on a temporary basis.

Contract Consultant – When somebody hires you for temporary consultation and you charge them for your time.

Contract-to-hire – When you begin as a temporary worker but there is potential to become permanent.

What are Some High Demand Freelance Jobs?

The number of freelancers is continuously growing. This shows that how much trend and money is involved in this field. This number keeps on developing, making it a convincing road for some experts. With such countless independently employed specialists earning enough to pay the rent in the gig economy, and a developing number of organizations choosing independent work, there is positive popularity for freelance skills.

Freelancing jobs can be done in every field. But yes, there are some perfectly suitable fields that you can opt for freelancing jobs. Here I am suggesting to you some best-suited freelance career fields. If you are good at any one of these fields, you can make your way through it.

Freelance Marketer

A freelance marketer has several jobs to be done. He/she can go for running paid Facebook campaigns, search engine optimization, building websites, building strategies, and much more. A freelance marketer can be seen all over the internet as nothing can be done without digital marketers. So, if you some digital marketing experience, you can opt for the field.

Freelance Writer

You can call a freelance writer by many names like blogger, copywriter, guest writer, SEO copywriter, content writer, content strategist, web content writer, etc. Nowadays writing is considered the most money-making carer when it comes to freelancing. If you are looking for freelance writer jobs, you must make sure that you have mastery of some writing skills like grammar, storytelling, etc. it will help you showcase your work.

Freelance Code or Programmer

Nowadays programming is high in demand and in every business, creative coders and programmers are needed. If you are a professional programmer, you will make a high-income stream via freelance development. A freelance developer can have multiple areas of specialization on the basis of their interest. To grab higher-paid freelancing jobs, you must be proficient in coding languages like Python, Ruby, Java, Swift, and more.

Freelance Designer

Designing is also a popular field and freelance designers are paid well. Those who are experienced in designing work, can easily get more projects and get a higher payment than those who are freshers. To get freelancing jobs in Designing, you will need to get a diverse portfolio to show your work to clients. So, if you are creative, you can grab a good career as a freelance designer.

How Much You Can Earn From Freelancing Jobs?

The amount you will earn by doing freelance jobs will totally depend on the field you are proficient in and the level of mastery you have got on that field. Here are some freelance fields with their jobs and income ideas.

Field Profile Income
Marketing Project managers, Marketing coordinators, Marketing managers $46 to $52 per hour
Business Project Management Project Manager, Process Analyst $34 to $46 per hour
Web Development Designer, Tester $36 to $43 per hour
Writing Bloggers, Copy Editors, Content Managers $25 to $30 per hour
Graphic Design Website Designer, Application Designer $21+ per hour
Social Media Community Manager, Social Media Coordinators $20 to $25 per hour
Accounting Accountants $16 to $30 per hour

Best Platforms to find Freelancing Jobs

There are many platforms, but some of the best are,,, etc.