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How To Apply For Online Typing Jobs


Online Typing Jobs: In this digital era, most people want to work from the comfort of their homes. Online Jobs give you the flexibility to work whenever you have time and from your home. Online Typing is one of the demanded online jobs as this job does not require higher degrees. This article gives you the details of how you can start your Online Tying Job, what you will get, and Online Typing Jobs’ requirements.


Online Typing Jobs: Important Details

What are Online Typing Jobs: It is as simple as typing on the computer. Online Typing Jobs requires different skills depending upon the type of project you will get from the clients. Levels in which you will work during Online Typing Job are the following.

  • Beginner Level Typist
  • Intermediate Level Typist
  • Expert Level Typist.

Clients’ demand varies from Beginner to Expert, and your earning also varies with the level.

Types of Online Typing Jobs:

There is a wide range of Online Typing Jobs. But two types are in demand. The first is Data Entry, and the second is Transcription.

  • In Data Entry Jobs, you will get information in the form of some documents, images, pdf files, books, etc. Your work is to type the text from clients’ given material to the required forms or in the prescribed format.
  • In Transcription Jobs, you will get an audio file. Your task is to write what you hear. The audio file may be a speech, interview, dictation, etc.

Salary Structure:

Salary Structure depends upon your skill. If you are a beginner, the client will not give you a higher rate. At the expert level, you can charge high rates from the clients. Here you will get paid per hour basis, per-page basis, or per-minute basis.

  • For Data Entry, you can charge from $7 to $40 per hour.
  • For Transcription, You can charge from $15 to $45 per hour.

Expected Monthly Earnings:

The monthly salary depends upon how many hours a day you are working and on which level. Suppose you are working 8 hours per day and for 22 days in the month. Then your monthly salary will be following.

  • For Data Entry, you can earn from $1232 to $7040.
  • For Transcription, You can earn from $2640 to $7920.

Educational Qualification: A job seeker with a 10th Certificate/12th Certificate or higher qualification can apply for Online Typing Jobs.

Eligibility: The candidate must have a laptop or computer with a high-speed internet connection. For a data entry job, you must be familiar with the data entry tools. For a transcription job, your listening skills should be good.

Selection Procedure: When you create your profile on some websites, then your profile goes under supervision. A selection team will go through your profile and send you an Email regarding approval or disapproval. Once your profile gets approved, you can start earning.

Age Limit: There are no such criteria for age. If a candidate can do the projects, he/she can apply for Online Typing Jobs.

Steps To Apply For Online Typing Jobs

Many freelance websites allow you to create your profile and bid for projects. Your first task is to make your profile attractive so that clients want to work with you. Mention Your skills very well while creating your profile. Initially charge less per hour basis. Once you start taking projects, then increase your rate. 

Some of the best websites you can try with.

Note: It is essential to create your profile wisely.