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Online English Tutor Jobs: How To Apply?


If you are searching for the best platform for online teaching jobs then you are in the right place today. So many platforms are available on the internet which provide the jobs of English teaching. For the last one and half years, the demand for online teachers are increasing because now parents prefer online teaching for their students due to covid. To get all the information about the online teachings jobs check out the below article. You will get all the details about the Online Teaching jobs.


Things required to start the English Online Teaching

Some things are required to start teaching English online.

  • One headset
  • One smartphone
  • Good Internet connection
  • Working environment
  • A quiet and good place to do work
  • One PC/Laptop with the camera

Education Qualification Details for the Online English teacher

If you have prior experience as a teacher then it will beneficial to get online English teaching jobs. If you don’t have a proper education degree then TEFL and TESOL certificate is a must to apply for the teaching jobs. With this certificate, you can easily get a job.

What to Look for in an Online English Teaching jobs

If you are thinking of applying for teaching jobs, then you have to do the proper research of the companies because every company provides different benefits. It was such a great job to do from home but you have the following criteria.

  • Flexible hours of the working
  • Have to provide the lesson plan
  • Easy to get the payment
  • Pay rates
  • Able to teach the students of various age group

There are some companies which have fixed working hours and one has to teach all kinds of age groups which might be sometimes difficult. Some of the companies don’t provide the lesson plans which is also a matter of concern because it is a time-consuming process.

Pay rates are also a matter of concern under online teaching jobs. Some companies pay $3 for one hour and some will pay $20. It will depend upon the company, qualification of the teacher and their experience.

Top Companies that provide the Online Teaching jobs

VIPKid: It is one of the top companies in online teaching. Only the teachers from the US and Canada can apply for the online teaching jobs here and one must have the degree too. The VIPKid will make the payment directly into the account.

English first: EnglishFirst platform teaches the students of china by the online method. If you are good at English and hold the TESOL/TEFL certificate then you can start teaching the students here.

DaDaABC: It is a Chinese company like the VIPKid and it has a very good reputation for online teaching. It is associated with the US company. To apply for the teaching job here, one must have a degree. The organization pays $18 on an hourly basis to the teachers.

iTutor: iTutor is one of the best platforms for online teaching jobs. To work under the iTutor one has a degree, TESOL/TEFL certificate, and must be available for 10 hours. They mainly teach the students of Japan and China country. They can make a monthly payment of $1500 to the $3000.

PalFish: Under the PalFish one can set their rates. To work under the PalFish, you don’t require any computer as one can do the teaching work online from mobile phones. To join here, one must be a college student and must have the TESOL/TEFL certificates.

Cambly: To work under the Camble, no prior experience in Teaching is required. If you are fluent in English then you can easily apply here. Camble also accommodates their teachers. They make the payment to the teachers by the PayPal of $10 for one hour.

LatinHire: If you are a native of Latin America then you can work here for an online tutor. They mainly act as an education recruitment agency. They teach the students not only about the English language but also about Maths, Chemistry, and  Accounts.

All Right Teaching: This platform mainly teaches the children of the European native. To work as a teacher here, you must have a degree along with the teaching certificate and must be fluent in the English language. One can earn $12 on an hourly basis.

Conclusion: These are the top platforms for Online Teaching jobs. Check all the details about it and apply.