Top Entry Level Typing Jobs That You Should Try

Are you also looking for OnlineTyping jobs without any investment? If yes,  you are on the right spot. Under this article we will going to cover all the details about the Top Entry Level Typing jobs. Stay Tuned with us and read out it.

What Does a Home Typist do?

The Home typist does all the work of typing the documents. There are so many kinds of the typing jobs like data entry jobs,  medical transcription jobs, transcription work, and more.  Some of the works demand certification and additional training while for some there is no need for the certification.

Skills Required for the Home Typist jobs

Every work demands some skills to do. Like this, the Home typist jobs also demand some skills. Here is the list of the skills which are necessary for the Home Typist jobs:

  • Fast typing skills.
  • Accurate typing skills
  • Basic knowledge of the computer. One must be familiar with the technical issues and able to upload the files and install the software.
  • Punctuation skills.
  • Good Spelling and Punctuation skills.
  • Good Listening skills.

Companies that offer the Entry Level Typing jobs By this platform, freelancers can earn a good amount by captioning the movies, videos, and TV shows. To apply under no prior experience is required. One can do the work very easily here and also no special equipment is required to do the work. One can easily earn $200 per month from here.

AccuTran Global: It was established in the year 2022.It offers the job of Transcription work on a part-time basis. To apply here, fluent English is a must. The organization will make the payment by cheque or PayPal.

Casting Words: It mainly hires the newbies. Here one can easily make the $1.20 for the terrible audio spend per audio minute and $0.60 for a good-quality sound per audio minute.

Transcription Hub: It mainly hires Reviewers and Transcribers . It doesn’t demands for the prior experience. This organization will always make the payment as per the amount of the work completed. They always make the payment by the PayPal account.

Smart Crowd: It is also known as the Virtual Bee. It mainly offers the jobs to the freelancers. Before hiring the candidates the organization will conduct the extensive three-part test. The persons who clear this will get accepted. The earnings are totally depends upon the typing speed. For one keystroke one can earn $0.20 – $0.80.

Transcribe Me: Transcribe Me always accepts the beginners. The apply here , no prior experience is required. The persons must have the good english skills and it can pay $2o for an hour by the PayPal.

SigTrack: It mainly hires the data entry keyers for the voters petitions process. The US residents can  do this job seasonal. SigTrack mainly pays $03.7 cents for the revert piece which you enter. They always pay the payment on the wedensday by the PayPal.

Speechpad: It is the one of the great transcription company. The Transcribers can earn the good amount by typing the content. Speechpad mainly poays $0.40 – $0.50 per audio. Payment are made on the weekly basis by the PayPal.

Scribie: It is the one of the best platform for every typists to earn the money . One can do the work very flexible at their own place. The Scribe mainly pays the $10 for every audio.

Go Transcript: They mainly hires the freelancers transcribers. They make the payment of $0.60 for every audio per minute.

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