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Top 12 Part Time Jobs: Online Money Making Work


Online Work From Home Jobs: There are several jobs that can be done from home. People prefer to do work from home as there is no hassle of going to the office. People can manage their time very well. They can do work according to their free time. Work can be done in the day shift or night shift. People are earning well by doing jobs from home, even in lakhs. Some jobs give salary on an hourly basis, and some pay you at the weekend. This article gives you an overview of the types of work that can be done from home comfort and do well earning.

The Best Options for Jobs to Work Remotely: Important Details

1. Customer Service Job:

Companies need people who can work from home and handle their customer’s queries well. These companies will provide good salary packages to the person. For this job, you must have knowledge of the retail sector, customer services like chat process, email conversation, attending phone calls, etc., and also the knowledge of marketing field. Here good communication skills play an essential role in getting the job. Companies like Amazon, Flipkart, or the companies which deal with customers have a demand for employees who can work from home.

2. Entry Level Computer Job:

Entry-level computer jobs require basic computer skills like how to use MS Word, how to do work with MS Excel, etc. Means the basic functionality of the computer. For entry-level computer jobs, you do not need to have higher qualifications or higher degrees. 12th pass person can do it easily. These jobs include Data Entry, Virtual Assistant, etc. Companies will pay you monthly basis or task basis. Salary disbursement depends on the company.

3. Computer Programming Job:

If you know computer languages like C, C++, Java, Javascript, PHP, etc., you are suitable for this job. For this, if you have BTech, BSc degree, then your chance of getting a job increases. The person who does not have degrees but knows how to work in languages or having previous work experience can also get higher salaries. And the good part of this job is that you can do it from your home.

4. Sales:

There is a demand for sales associates, account managers, or sales managers in the companies. The task of these people is to promote the products and business and hence increase sales and revenue of the company. These people can also do it from home as it is target based job. The company will hire you by giving a monthly salary or by giving you a bonus when you complete the target. It depends on the requirement of the company.

5. Teacher and Tutor Job:

People are switching from offline to online mode of coaching. One reason is Corona Pandemic for it. Students are takings coding classes, dancing classes, language classes like Punjabi, French, Vedic Maths, Yoga Classes, and many more online. The benefit is one-to-one communication. Internet connect people sitting in various parts of the globe. You can now learn distance courses also. So for this online tutor job, you must have master one subject/skill and earn accordingly.

6. Data-Entry, Coding, and Transcription Job:

Data Entry jobs require you to enter data from one format to another. It does not demand higher education qualifications. But be aware of fraudulent companies that do not give money for the task done. Transcription jobs require you to convert audio/video files into written documents. It is easy going job, just listen and watch videos and work as per the task assigned to you. You will get paid as per the task done. For work from home job, working laptop and good internet connection is a must.

7. Translation Job:

Translation jobs require you to translate one language into another language. For example, English documents to Hindi for google search engine, dubbing of movies, etc. This is also a simple and easy job and can pay you well. You require good knowledge of the language and laptop, internet connection.

8. Medical Billing and Coding Job:

Medical Biller and coder tasks are to understand the language/prescription written by the doctor and then convert them to the medical bill. Companies hire people to do this task, and they give a choice to do the work from home and pay you well for the job. Big hospitals like multispecialty hospitals in Metro cities require people for this task.

9. Web Developer and Graphic Designer:

Website development tasks and website designing tasks can quickly be done from home. But the condition is that you must have proper knowledge of the work, software, tools like WordPress, Unbounce, etc. Many people are working as freelancers and do the job from home. Their monthly income varies from 50000 to 5 lakhs.

10. Freelance Writer Gigs:

Website development and hence blog writing, article writing, this work is a type of never-ending works. if you have good writing skills, good grammar skills, and expressive power, then you can do this job. No higher degrees are required. What requires is just your thought expressive power. You can earn well here. Companies will give you payments monthly or per article basis.

11. Teaching English as a Second language:

The English language is the weakness of many students, even employees also. People want to have command over English. They need suitable time for the learning of English.  Online English teaching is in demand due to this. Students get the benefit of a good teacher. And on the other hand, the teacher will get a good amount. Salary sometimes based on the popularity of the teacher. A person with good communication skills can think about the online teaching English job.

12. Android or iOS Developer:

The people who have done courses in Android, iOS development can find out the online developer job. You must have a good knowledge of software/app development, languages, tools, etc. For this working laptop with good internet connection is required. You can earn here on a single app basis. For one app development, you can charge payment according to you.

Platforms to Find Work From Home Jobs

Those who want to work as freelancers can try sites like Fiverr and Upwork. It would be best if you went to websites like Indeed, Glassdoor, CareerBuilder.